It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog.

I’ve been studying this year as a full-time student. Between that and family I stay quite busy.

I’ve still been able to train at least once or twice a week at the club, and usually once or twice with a training partner at the campus. So, my Jiu-Jitsu hasn’t suffered much physically. If it’s suffered it’s been in the mental game. However, I will say that it has become a bit of a blessing for me as a creative outlet.

The course I’m doing doesn’t allow for a whole lot of creative outlet. We do what we’re told to do when we’re told to do it. Everything we do has to match some kind of criteria or structure. There’s always some limit, or rule, or thing that has to be done to please a teacher. So, creativity is limited.

I love expressing myself creatively, so the fact that my creativity is limited could easily drive me crazy.

My Jiu-Jitsu has become my main creative outlet. So I’ve fully embraced what I’ve come to call ‘Fun-Jitsu’.

Not that all Jiu-Jitsu isn’t fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s more been about the attitude I’ve carried this year. I haven’t been as serious and focussed on my progression as I had been. I’ve been a lot more focussed on just getting out, and enjoying the game. Having a good roll, seeing what new techniques I can try, and maybe pulling out some crazy escape are things that I’m taking into every session.

It has been fantastic.

It’s also been interesting to analyse.

I’ve found that, since I spent a year drilling and using the basics I have quite a firm foundation to fall back on. They have, more than ever, become my basic game and they come out naturally when I roll. I automatically fall into my scissors sweep, arm-bar from mount, cross collar choke, guillotine, over-under pass kind of game. But, I’ve also been able to add some surprises in.

Omoplatas have become a major part of my game now. The Rubber Guard is showing up. The X-Guard is becoming a bit of a go-to. Spider Guard is even starting to creep in. I’m experimenting right now with the rolling back-takes from top half-guard and side control.

In the minimal analysis that I’m doing I’m finding that I’m actually getting a lot more taps than I had been. I’m also tapping less… interesting. It’s a bit harder to measure my progression, but I do feel more relaxed, more fluid, more patient, and more consistent with many of the basics.

Most importantly, I’m just having fun.


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