Hello again, Jiu Jitsu world!

I am done with full-time study and am headed to my first appointment as a Salvation Army Officer. My family and I head to Rolleston which is a town 25 kilometers outside of Christchurch in New Zealand. I take with me my lovely wife, Naomi along with my two sons Josiah (4) and Noah (2). With that comes my BJJ blue belt and a stack of nine mats (thanks to my coach, Glen Tarrant).

As a new chapter in my life starts it also brings with it a new chapter in BJJ. I am no longer able to continue with my original coach. This is sad, but was always on the cards due to the profession I am committing to. So, the comeback begins.

I have been on a jiu jitsu break for about six months as I finished my studies. I am now in the worst shape of my life (thanks lazy-time break!). My game is slow and limited, mentally and physically. So… here goes my list of BJJ goals for 2014 (seeing as it is the 1st of January)!

#1- Find a gym There are various gyms down in Christchurch and I plan to check out a few. My goal is to to find a good place, with a good mat culture made by a group of good people in order to step into my next goal.

#2- Get into shape- I have a ways to go to get back into shape. I have to start somewhere. I will start on the mats. I have played sport my entire life and I can say with all confidence that I have never been more fit than I was when doing jiu jitsu. It gives you great core strength, mobility, flexibility, and (unless you adopt a lazy game, which is very easy to do) good cardiovascular conditioning. It is also the only time I haven’t had a sore neck and/or back. The reason is because you need neck and back strength to do BJJ. I want to train a lot, stretch every day, drill on non-training days, and get back all that child-like mobility.

#3- Find some partners- After I get into shape and establish a relationship with a gym I plan to start finding some training partners. The reason for this is because Rolleston is well enough out of Christchurch to be its own gym eventually. I don’t have much of a desire to start a gym though. I want to find people that want to train. So, I’ll be matting out the garage and going for glory with recruiting people who want to learn jiu jitsu.

#4- Get back to blogging- Finally, I want to get back into regular blogging about my BJJ experiences. I miss it, and it feels like it’s time for a comeback.

The next time I post will likely be out of shape and sore… but glorious.


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