Who am I?

My name is Nathan Holt. 28 years old. American born, living in New Zealand.

I’m 5’6″ and weight 70kg (155lbs). My jiu-jitsu game is based around technique, speed, and constant movement. This has come out of necessity because I train at a club with a lot of larger guys.

I am a 2-3 time a week grappler. Most weeks are two Gi sessions and one no Gi session.

I do a 30 minute workout each morning. I mostly drill moves while working in body weight strength training.

I eat right, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to work as hard as I do. 3 meals, 3 light snacks, 2000ml of water, and very minimum junk food. I’m healthy but not hard core.

I have a wife of 5 years, a son of 2 and a half, and another son of 3 months. I work a full time job and stay fairly busy on the weekends.

I’m telling you all of this because who you are, and what you do, and the habits you carry go a long way to defining your game. One of the main reasons I roll the way I roll is because of my lifestyle.

It all works in together.

I train in Wellington, New Zealand at a great academy- Submission Martial Arts Porirua. I’m a 2 stripe white belt under John Will purple belt, Glen Tarrant.

John Will is a Rigan Machado black belt from Australia who’s almost entirely responsible for BJJ being in Australia and New Zealand.


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