The Time Between

It has been 3 years since my last post on this blog. Much has happened since then, as would be normal in a 3 year span. I thought I would get back into things by telling a story of the time between… but, not the full story. I’ll just talk about the stuff that has effected my ability to do BJJ.

In 2014 I moved from Upper Hutt to Rolleston. For those outside the know Upper Hutt is just outside of Wellington, in New Zealand’s North Island. Rolleston is just outside of Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island. Upon arrival I decided to take a year off of BJJ so that I could settle into things.

In 2015 I started coaching high school basketball. I also joined a league where I hurt my knee 5 minutes into my first game… which is a really bad start to a season. I went to the doctor the next day. That began a 9 month process where I was treated for a knee sprain. After 9 months, and still very little improvement I was sent to a specialist where it was discovered that I had severe damage to the cartilage in my knee as well as a missing ACL, which is a pretty important thing to have.

In January 2016 I went in for surgery to replace my ACL and fix the damaged cartilage. This completely restarted the already 9 month long rehab process.

I am now six months into my recovery. It is still sore. It is still weak. It has changed the way to function in my everyday life. I am in the worst shape of my life. I have zero flexibility. I have zero strength. I am slow and lethargic. I got to the point where I had almost completely given up on ever playing any kind of sport again.

Then, I was approached by a friend who knew I did BJJ and heard that it might be able to help with his son’s bullying problem at school. I thought long and hard about it and decided that I would give it a go. I would teach this kid BJJ.

That has reinvigorated my desire to get back into BJJ. I have taken the mats out of the garage, cleaned them up, dusted off my Gi pants, pulled out my Gracie Bullyproof curriculum, and begun teaching BJJ. I am getting back into doing regular exercise in order to get back into shape, and rehabilitate my knee. I have gotten back into a stretching routine and have even decided that I would get back into writing my BJJ blog… which would make sense… because I’m here writing stuff… yeah.

So, look forward to some more blogs and I continue to jot down my BJJ journey.


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