Establishing roots

After gaining an overall understanding of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, which tends to be the recognition received when a first stripe is given, I have now decided to focus my training a bit more. I am starting from the bottom.

My focus over the next weeks, or perhaps months, will be to solidify my place with my back stuck on the mat. I want to become an escape artist. I will go about that in a few ways.

1- I will be studying escapes. YouTube, books, articles, instructors, and whatever else I can find.
2- I will be drilling escape movements every day. When breaking down a specific escape you’ll start to notice certain movements. Bridges, hip-outs, sit-outs, pushing with the arms, and stuff like that.
3- In sparring I will pull guard with no intention to keep it. I feel that one of the most important parts of being an escape artist is anticipation. It’s almost a matter of escaping before control is even established. So, I’ll let the guys blow past my guard and work my escapes from there.
4- Map my escapes so as to create depth as well as width within my game. There’s a great Roy Dean video that shows how to base a game plan around the ‘what ifs’.

Wish me luck.


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